About Us

“Don’t expect to make a difference, unless you speak up yourself. Speak up, even if your voice shakes.” –Anonymous.

SpeakUp was introduced by the batch of 2014 to help the future leaders in general, and XIMBians in particular, to become better orators. From that day onwards, SpeakUp has been extending ample opportunities, numerous moments, through its various events, for everyone to take the centre stage.

SpeakUp organizes a host of events throughout the academic year. Starting from Vaani to the Model United Nations (MUN) we have events for everyone. The regular sessions of Vaani give everyone ample scope to deliver a speech and improve their public speaking skills. The Parliamentary debate “XANSAD” is for the brave hearts who have what it takes to take the stage and dominate over the opponent through content, logic and presentation. And for the elite orators, who fear nothing and no one on the stage, we have the Model United Nations (MUN)- the toughest and prestigious oratory competition out there.

Along with all these, SpeakUp also conducts several Mock GD-PI sessions to help prepare the students for their placement interviews. Sailing my Internship sessions are organized wherein the senior batch shares their summer internship experience and gives valuable pointers and suggestions to the students of the junior batch. This year SpeakUp is adding yet another event to the list, “Speaker Series”, where we invite accomplished orators and public figures for an engaging and interesting interaction. This year SpeakUp in association with Bhubaneswar Alumni Chapter had hosted the popular cricket commentator, Mr. Harsha Bhogle on campus to interact with the students and the alumni.

In a short span of two years, SpeakUp has definitely become one of the most important, engaging and loved committee here at XIMB.


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